Magic Drops Professional Massage Oil Kit

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A fantastic way to smell and experience all 12 preblended oils in small 50ml bottles.

Wow your clients with what’s available and see what becomes the most popular oils before you decide which ones you want to stock.

Kit includes 50ml of each of the following oils:

Body Toning Oil ~ Active ingredients combined to help stimulate the blood supply to detoxify and tone. Power-packed with Grapeseed, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Ginger, and Nutmeg Oil. Blended to have a warming effect on the skin and promote relaxation.

Mandarin & Neroli Oil ~ This oil has a delightful fragrance that lifts the senses giving a general feeling of wellbeing. Packed full of plant oils to help to purify and rebalance, leaving your skin with a soft and silky texture. Enhanced with Jojoba, carrot tissue oil, pure mandarin, and pure neroli oil. This oil is guaranteed to enhance any basic massage.

Renew Oil ~Pre-blended with a balance of grapeseed, jojoba, vitamin E, and arnica oil, Salonserve’s Renew Massage Oil is a skin-loving wonder. Its sweet honey scent is boosted with pure lavender and pure geranium to relax the nervous system and induce a state of tranquillity. Manuka Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that combat skin irritation, such as eczema, sunburn, or rashes. Incorporate it into your body treatments to soothe and restore, and see clients marvel as its healing prowess. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types, it works to promote cell renewal in order to calm and restore balance to dry or irritated skin.

Heaven Scent Oil ~ Every woman’s dream: a pre-blended oil which tackles troubling hormonal issues such as PMS and PMT. Packed full of exquisite aromatic oils to boost your physical and psychological mood. Laden with sweet almond (nourishing effects on the skin), vitamin E (to combat free radicals to fight the signs of ageing), evening primrose oil (GLA properties essential in fighting pain and inflammation), rose oil, queen of flowers, (to regulate and balance hormones), cypress oil (to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve painful heavy periods) and organic rose geranium (a wonderful aroma that balances hormones and eliminates excessive fluid retention). Lastly, star anise calms dreaded menstrual cramps and revives tired and stressed minds. Because the oil works on a hormonal level, do not use if pregnant.

Relax Oil ~ Nothing beats a massage to unwind and escape the hustle of the outside world… Better yet, with Salonserve’s Relax! Your salon can enhance these popular treatments further. This calm-inducing massage oil contains geranium, clary sage, ylang-ylang, lavender, and petitgrain essential oils. The properties are endless: geranium is an antiseptic and antifungal oil; clary sage is a calming stress-relieving oil; while ylang-ylang oil has soothing and anxiety-relieving properties.

Wake Up Oil ~ Add a zing to your step with this lively and exciting formula, designed to lift your spirits and help you feel energised. Brimming with natural citrus oils such as lemon, which refreshes the body and mind by eliminating negative emotions. The formula is packed with orange oil which raises your mood, while grapefruit oil has a reputation for stimulating effects on the body and mind; evoking fresh new thoughts and awakening the senses. Main oils: lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Refresh Oil ~ Enliven the senses with our uplifting Refresh blend – a potent mix of zingy citrus notes alongside wellbeing booster thyme. Pure grapefruit oil is an anti-depressant and helps to dispel negative feelings which, when combined with classic anxiety-reliever lemon, makes this a perfect blend for clients suffering from stress or simply in need of a mood-boosting treat.

Invigorate Oil ~ For clients who want to add a zing to their massages, try Salonserve’s Invigorate pre-blended oil. Guaranteed to revive even the most tired souls, this glorious liquid magic contains the wide-reaching effects of lemongrass, basil and ginger essential oils. Basil oil, for instance, is commonly used for its antidepressant qualities – ideal for guests who need an emotional uplift – while lemongrass oil provides essential relief from digestive issues.

Indulge Oil ~ Introducing the new Indulge Pre-Blended Massage Oil. Specially crafted to provide a luxurious and warming massage experience, this exquisite oil combines carefully selected ingredients to create a harmonious symphony of aromas and textures. The meticulously crafted blend creates an irresistible fusion that will immerse your clients into a world of pure indulgence.

Mum to Be Oil ~ When pregnant it’s important to be pampered whilst knowing the blend is safe for little ones. The oil does just that, based on Grapeseed Oil, Ginger, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange and Mandarin. It’s a delight. Packed full of skin-kind ingredients, specially selected for their vitality-boosting and caring properties and is formulated with low percentages so is safe for mums-to-be.

Muscle Relief Oil ~ A godsend for the tension associated with rigorous exercise, the Muscle Relief is a powerhouse blend, based on grapeseed oil packed with pure oils it works to ease stiff and aching muscles and joints. The sweet-smelling medical aroma of eucalyptus reduces muscle pain, while wintergreen and rosemary deliver anti-inflammatory properties, helping to drain toxins and rejuvenate fatigued bodies and minds.

D-Tox Oil ~ The ultimate D-Tox Massage to whip sluggish systems into shape. Active ingredients include Cucumber, Mint, Lemon, Bay and Helichrysum Oil.

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