Wheatgerm Oil

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Wheatgerm Oil

A Heavy, Dark Reddish-Orange, Slightly Sticky Oil With A Strong, Earthy Odor.
Rich In Proteins, Minerals And Vitamins, Especially Vitamin E.
Main Uses – Stimulates Tissue Regeneration And Is Excellent For Ageing Skin, Wrinkles, Scars And Stretch Marks.
Added To Other Less Stable Vegetable Carrier Oils (up to 15%), It Can Prolong Their Shelf-Life Due To Its Antioxidant Properties.
May Cause Sensitization In Some Individuals.

Available in 2 sizes 250ml / 500ml

Botanical Name:Tritici germinis
Aroma: Wheatgerm Oil has very little scent
Viscosity: Medium
Colour: Pale yellow
Shelf Life: 6-12 months
Uses: Wheatgerm oil is a perfect addition to add skin nourishment in massage blends or for preparing carrier blends. In beauty, skincare, and aromatherapy, wheatgerm massage blends assist in promoting circulation and formation ot new cells to improve appearance of skin. It will help in repairing sun and wind damaged skin cells. Its is best to use wheatgerm oil as an additive to other lighter oils.

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