Salonserve Pedicure Liners for Belava Style Bowls LOWER PRICES


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Pack of 100 liners

We are so happy to introduce our brand new Salonserve Pedicure Bowl Liners. Perfectly produced to fit in your Belava, at a price you’ll love!

Choose between our 2 variations of disposable pedicure liners:

-Style 1 – Fits Belava Bowls and/or NEW Salonserve Own Brand Bowls

Style 2 – Fits Footsie Bowls, strong enough to use with out the basket!

Put your clients at ease with this hygienic solution, perfect for busy salons!

Why pay more? 

Salonserve Pedicure Liners are shaped perfectly to fit snugly into your pedicure bowl.

Plus, your clients will love the textured bottom to enhance their pedicure experience.

Save big on our own brand, simply choose which style you need.

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    Suitable for Belava Bowls, Suitable for Footsie Bowls