Botanical Large Starter Kit


The natural range is packed with 100% pure essential oils, plant extracts and naturally occurring fragrances.

Tea Tree oil – Used for its powerful antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Cedarwood – For its positive antiseptic effects on skin disorders.

Peppermint – For its deodorising and refreshing smell.

Kit includes:

  • 250ml Invigorating Foot Spray
  • Mint Spa Salts
  • Botanical Foot Mask
  • Nourishing Foot Massage Cream
  • Pumice Foot Scrub
  • Botanical Foot Soak
  • Foot Lotion

AND you get a Belava pedicure bowl with 20 disposable liners

Please put in order notes a colour preference for your Belava bowl, and we will try our best to accommodate this.

100% Vegan

Free from animal products, by-products & derivatives.