New Galvanic & High Frequency Facial Machine

£276.50 ex. VAT (£331.80 inc. VAT)

Galvanic and High Frequency Electrical Facial Machine

-Offer desincrustation and iontophoresis facial treatments. For a direct and indirect method.

-Has a digital timer, digital power control, and digital reverse polarity

-Slimline design can be moved around with ease, great for small rooms

-Comes complete with: 1 x saturator, 1 x galvanic handle, 1 x roller electrode. High frequency: 1 x mushroom electrode, 1 x leaf electrode, 1 x ball electrode

-24 x 20cm

-6 months warranty

A combined Galvanic and High-Frequency Facial Machine offers an all-inclusive approach to skincare, making it an attractive investment for salons.

This dual treatment machine provides deep cleansing, enhanced product absorption, and improved blood circulation from the Galvanic component. Simultaneously, the High-Frequency element addresses acne concerns by promoting oxygenation, reducing inflammation, and preventing breakouts.

This versatile machine caters to a wide range of skincare needs, offering a comprehensive solution for clients seeking clearer, healthier, and radiant skin. Clients can experience the benefits of both Galvanic and High-Frequency treatments in a single session, meaning you can charge a higher fee for an advanced facial treatment experience.

The high frequency part of the machine uses gas-filled glass electrodes which are neon orange in colour to transfer the electrical current to the face. It is the most popular electrode type as this encourages cell regeneration, possesses antibacterial properties and boots collagen production, as well as helping skincare products to penetrate better to improve skin texture and tone.

For salons, the machine represents a valuable asset, with the opportunity to expand service offerings and attract a wider range of clients with diverse skincare goals. This can be particularly beneficial for those with limited space or those looking to optimise treatment areas.