Truzone Cream Peroxide 1 litre

£2.45 ex. VAT (£2.94 inc. VAT)

Introducing the Truzone Cream Peroxide in a generous 1-litre bottle, the perfect choice for hair professionals seeking a reliable and high-quality peroxide solution. Designed to deliver exceptional results, this cream peroxide is an essential tool for achieving stunning hair transformations.

The Truzone Cream Peroxide is formulated with precision and care, using premium ingredients to ensure optimal performance. This peroxide is ideal for use with various hair colouring and bleaching techniques, providing consistent and predictable results.

With its 1-litre size, this bottle offers convenience and value, making it an excellent investment for salons, stylists, and beauty enthusiasts. You’ll have an ample supply of peroxide on hand, reducing the need for frequent restocking and ensuring you’re always ready to create beautiful hair transformations.

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    10 VOL Peroxide 3%, 20 VOL Peroxide 6%, 30 VOL Peroxide 9%, 40 VOL Peroxide 12%