Trio of Massage Candles

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Trio of Scented Massage Candles – SAVE 25%

1 x Relax 200g
1 x Mum To Be 200g
1 x Hot Cocoa 200g

Simply light the candle to emit the expertly blended scents around your therapy room while you treat your client to a scrub or other prep treatment. Once the wax has melted into a liquid consistency that reaches the edge of the tin, simply blow out the flame and pour the wax out.

Based on soya wax, the melting point of the massage candles is just a few degrees above body temperature, which means that you can pour the melted wax directly on to the skin for a decadent warm and soothing treatment.

Trio pack includes:

1 x Relax Massage Candle 200g
1 x Mum To Be Massage Candle 200g
1 x Hot Cocoa Massage Candle 200g

Approx. 10 – 12 full body massage treatments per candle.

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