The Eyelash Emporium Adhesive Master Artist – Eyelash Adhesive 5ml

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Introducing Eyelash Emporium’s fastest setting glue with the widest humidity range, this adhesive is the only choice for master techs. Maximum retention, minimum odour, fastest setting and works in more environments – why would you need any other glue?

Ideal for advanced classic and volume lash artists

Key Features include:

    • 1-2 second drying time
    • Widest humidity range of all our adhesives which means its more stable in changing environments.
    • Strong retention whilst still maintaining a low odour.
  • Free from latex and Formaldehyde

Before use allow the bottle to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to treatment and shake the bottle for approximately 20 seconds before dispensing.
Never take the whole top off the bottle as air and moisture will enter causing the glue to deteriorate. The nozzle should be cleaned after every use using lint free wipes. Do not use cotton wool or baby wipes as the fibers can react with the adhesive and could cause an exothermic reaction.

Getting the best from your adhesive:
Refresh your glue every 15-20mins
Adhesive cures from the outside in and will start setting from the outside of the bubble.
Dip your fan or individual lash extension in the middle of your adhesive to take from the freshest point

Available in Black or Clear.

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