Sweet Sensations Hand & Foot Mask



Bursting with lemon, lavender, and Benzoin a clay-based mask with the bonus of witch hazel for its antiseptic properties.

Perfect to treat hands and feet, will help with cleansing and detoxing the skin as well as cell regeneration and hydration.

Simply apply with a spatula or brush, leave to sit for 10 minutes for extra intensity wrap in cling film or a plastic bag, and place in heated mitts or booties.

One-pot will last at least 10 treatments



_yoast_wpseo_focuskwSweet Sensations Hand & Foot Mask
_yoast_wpseo_metadescThis natural range is packed with 100% pure essential oils, plant extracts and naturally occurring fragrances.Simply brush on, leave to set, then wash away!A little luxury in your manicure and pedicure routines!


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