NEW Self-Heating Cocoa Beans Wrap

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Featuring the essence of Pure Cocoa Beans at its core, the Self-Heating Cocoa Beans Wrap makes for an irresistibly delightful addition to your salon’s selection of treatments.

With the addition of water, the cocoa powder transforms into a luscious creamy mousse, that creates a comforting warmth upon application, promoting a state of deep muscle relaxation.

Enhanced by Marine Magnesium, the wrap features muscle-relaxing benefits. Developed with active components rich in minerals, it delivers soothing and moisturising qualities. Cocoa actively contributes to maintaining supple and velvety soft skin. Additionally, the infusion of Guarana, renowned for its elevated caffeine content, boosts cell metabolism. Acerola, a Vitamin C-rich ingredient has been added, recognised for its skin-toning properties.

The results? Rejuvenated and irresistibly smooth skin, alongside a complete immersion of both body and mind in a moment of pure well-being.


  • Initially mix 200g of powder with 200ml of warm water, then continue to add small amounts of warm water until it forms a smooth, creamy, mousse-like paste.
  • Using hands or a body brush, apply the paste directly to the skin.
  • Once applied, cover your client with body wrap film and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Let the wrap work its magic. Apply a thermal blanket for an extra warming effect.
  • Finally unwrap and rinse off, or use warm water and towelling mitts to soak off.

Available in:

  • 750g sample size (approx. 3 treatments)
  • Large 5KG (SAVE £34) (approx. 20 treatments) 
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    750g Sample, 5KG