Salon Artisan Premium Silk – Extra Fine C 0.07 Various Lengths Assorted

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Natural lashes are not all the same length and this kit is perfect for Express treatments as each strip is constructed of vari-length lashes.
When used to create fans, the effect will be a fan comprising of lashes of different lengths which will give an increased wispy texture and soft, fluffy look.When used in Classic lash techniques a mixed multi-length look can be achieved quickly and efficiently using a single strip.

Made from the softest Premium Silk eyelash extensions material, handcrafted by Korean Artisans and each lash cut with razor edge technology, these truly are the perfect lightweight extensions for Lash Artists.

Style: Express Vari-Length Silk

Curl: C

Category: Extra Fine

Thickness (mm): 0.07

No. of Rows: 16

Lengths (mm): 08~10(4), 09~11(4), 10~12(4)

Colour: Black

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