New Microcurrent Electrical Facial Machine

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Introducing the latest innovation in skincare technology, the Microcurrent Electrical Facial Machine (also known as the ‘Non-Surgical Face Lift’), offers unparalleled benefits for salon treatments.

This cutting-edge device uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles, promote collagen production and tighten the skin. Clients can experience a non-invasive, painless treatment that works to enhance facial contours, reduce fine lines, and improve overall skin tone.

The Microcurrent Facial Machine not only delivers immediate visible results but also provides a long-lasting solution for anti-aging concerns.


Microcurrent Electrical Facial Machine

-The machine uses a Microcurrent Frequency which helps to stimulate the skin cells, which can help with ‘lifting’ the skin. This is one of the newest treatments in the market today, and has excellent results with no down time.

-The dual channel probe applications send low levels of microcurrent through the molecules of the products being used. The probe applicators are used in a unique way to provide firming, tone hydrate, improve elasticity and reduce facial lines and wrinkles. This treatment strengthens muscles for a more ‘lifted’ youthful complexion.

-Exercising the facial muscles helps lift and return tautness to sagging skin. Blasts of microcurrents are used to strengthen and stimulate muscle fibres.

– Complete with 2 modes:

  • Continuity Mode: This mode delivers a steady stream of electrical currents to the skin. It helps improve blood flow and allows the skin to hold onto moisture better, which can make it look more hydrated. Over time, this mode can also help the skin produce more collagen, which keeps it firm and youthful.
  • Interval Mode: In this mode, the electrical currents come in pulses with breaks in between. This helps reduce puffiness by helping the body get rid of excess fluid. It also stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen. So, while it helps with hydration like continuity mode, it’s also great for keeping the skin firm and youthful over time.

-Complete with electrodes and probes.

-24 x 20cm

-6 months professional warranty

-50/60HZ – 15W