New Galvanic Facial Machine

£136.50 ex. VAT (£163.80 inc. VAT)

Galvanic Electrical Facial Machine

-Offer desincrustation and iontophoresis facial treatments.

-Has a digital timer, digital power control and digital reverse polarity.

-Slimline design can be moved around with ease, great for small rooms.

-Comes complete with: 1 x client electrode, 1 x galvanic handles

-24 x 20cm

-6 months warranty

Introducing the new Galvanic Facial Machine: Revolutionising Skincare Excellence.

A Galvanic Facial Machine treatment provides comprehensive skincare benefits through gentle electrical currents consisting of positive and negative particles (ions). It uses a process by the scientific name of iontophoresis to transport the electrically charged ions into the skin. The treatment helps to improve circulation and hydration, whilst deeply cleansing the skin to remove impurities and enhance product absorption.

This process stimulates blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to skin cells for a healthier complexion. The treatment also tones and tightens facial muscles, contributing to a non-surgical facelift effect. Collagen production is increased, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while balancing the skin’s pH levels for overall skin health.

With regular sessions, your clients can experience long-term anti-aging effects, promoting a more youthful and relaxed appearance.