HEAD JOG Curved Radial Brush

From £7.90

Head Jog Curve Brush range with:

  • Concaved shaped barrel & grip handle
  • Ceramic ionic coated
  • Heat Wave technology

Concaved Shaped Barrel

The design of the concave barrel keeps hair in the centre of the brush for easy styling and better control.

Ergonomic non-sip grip handle is easier to hold and can help to prevent hand fatigue.

Ceramic Ionic Coated Barrel

The ceramic ionic technology on the barrel retains and distributes heat evenly during blow drying while breaking up water molecules quickly to reduce drying time and prevent damage, leaving hair smooth and silky and reducing frizz.

Heat Wave Technology

The heat wave system reduces any unnecessary heat damage while blow drying as the barrel will turn yellow to warn you that too much heat is being applied to the hair.

The Head Jog Curve brush range consists of 4 sizes of radial brush – 25mm, 34mm, 44mm and 52mm, available to purchase separately.

The brush set bag contains one of each size brush.

  • Size:

    HEAD JOG 66 25mm, HEAD JOG 67 34mm, HEAD JOG 68 44mm, HEAD JOG 69 52mm, HEAD JOG Curved Brush Set