Glimmering Dust Mirror Gold

£2.95 ex. VAT (£3.54 inc. VAT)

1g Pot

Also referred to as Unicorn/Mermaid Nail dust

1. Apply Gelease Base Gel and cure as advised
2. Apply your clients chosen Gelease colour and cure
3. Cleanse the nail using Gelease High Shine Cleanse to remove any sticky residue
4. Apply the glimmering dust with a brush or eye shadow sponge, pushing and brushing the dust into the nail to create a high sheen
5. Finish with the super sealing Gelease Top Coat, cure as advised and cleanse to remove any residue leaving your mirror nails with a stunning shine

Ingredients: Polyethyl, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Aluminum

Can use without colour – comes out quite pearly