Hive Of Beauty 6 Chamber Wax Heater


1 unique heater, 2 individual therapies!

A multi-functional cartridge heater, designed for both roller wax hair removal and spray paraffin heat therapy.

This unique Multi Pro Cartridge Heater holds up to 6 cartridges, making it ideal for busy salons.

Suitable for use with 80g and 100g Roller Depilatory Cartridges, as well as 80g Spray Paraffin Cartridges.

Delivers fast, efficient and hygienic roller wax applications and can also perform paraffin heat therapy treatments.


  • 6 heating chambers
  • Two separate heating chambers with independent thermostats
  • Quick heat up time
  • Temperature regulator control
  • Clear protective lid
  • Supplied with fitted plug
  • CE approved