Salonserve Lash and Brow Tint


Salonserve lash and brow tint is expertly blended from the finest ingredients with plant extracts for gentle yet effective treatment.

1-2cm of tint mix with 3-4 drops of peroxide. Leave on for 1-2mins for brows and 5-10mins for eyelashes. Take off with cotton pad and clean water

Large 15 ml tube

Available in 6 different colours!


  • Suitable for brunettes and black mascara wearers.
  • This is more purple toned than other popular brands. Perfect for lashes!


  • Suitable for fair-haired giving a more natural look. Ideal for eyebrows. Add black to make dark brown.

Light Brown

  • Ideal for blondes and eyebrows.


  • Ideal for clients that want a purple deep black look.


  • A softer black finish ideal for older/grey-haired ladies.


  • Great for blondes or for a summer look.
  • Colour:

    Black, Brown, Light Brown, Blue/Black, Grey, Blue

100% Vegan

Free from animal products, by-products & derivatives.