RefectoCil Intense Browns Kit

£135.00 ex. VAT (£162.00 inc. VAT)


Everything you need to offer amazing brows and lashes.

For up to 60 services, contents include:-

1 x RefectoCil Brow Mapper
1 x Micellar Eye Make Up Remover 150ml
3 x RefectoCil Sensitive Eye Care Pads
2 x Intensifying Primer Medium
2 x Intensifying Primer Strong
1 x Base Gel Ash Brown
1 x Base Gel Chocolate Brown
1 x Base Gel Deep Brown
1 x Base Gel Black Brown
4 x Activator Gel
1 x Intense Browns Tint Remover 150ml
2 x Cosmetic Brushes
2 x Tint Dish Brow Mapper

Technical Documents

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