Professional Salon Waxing Starter Kit

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We are so excited to introduce our new Professional Salon Waxing Starter Kit.

  • Featuring our top-quality Twin Wax Heater with both 1000cc and 500cc capacity chambers. Supplied with removable inner containers, scraper bars and handles.
  • Renowned for its quality, SalonServe’s Warm Wax has emerged as a 5-star product, earning the trust and loyalty of salon and spa owners for over 15 years. This kit includes a 425g pot for you to get started.
  • Traditional Peel Off Wax – SalonServe’s most popular pliable stripless wax. Flexible and easy to remove, with no added colours or fragrances, the kit includes a full-sized 600g pack.
  • 100 Pack Disposable Bonded Paper Waxing StripsSalonServe’s best-selling wax strips for over 20 years. Recommended in the waxing community for making light work of your treatments.
  • 100 Pack Large Wooden Waxing Spatulas – these disposable spatulas are made from smooth birchwood, ensuring a perfect, quick gliding wax application. Consistently rated 5 out 5 stars.
  • SalonServe’s Pre Wax Cleansing Gel with Tea Tree Oil is the best way to begin any waxing treatment. This 250ml bottle contains great antibacterial properties that your clients will love.
  • The soothing and calming After Wax Lotion with Tea Tree Oil is included in a 250ml bottle, making a fabulous conclusion to any wax treatment.
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