New Gelease Files Sample Pack – 8 Files

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Gelease files are not only made to last, but also to exceed expectations!

  • Impressive 3-4 times longer lifespan
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion
  • Made from a fusion of Japanese abrasive powder and high-quality backing paper

8 files included:

1G – Endurance Half Moon File 100/180 Grit
2G – Endurance File 280/400 Grit
3G – Premium Shaped File 100/180 Grit
4G – Premium Shaped File 240/240 Grit
5G – Premium Zebra File 100/180 Grit
6G – Buffer Half Moon 220/320 Grit
7G – Premium Half Moon File 150/180 Grit
8G – Deluxe Premium Zebra Banana File 150/180 Grit

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