Gelease Go For Gold Metallic Collection – 12 x 15ml Soak Off Polish Gel

£99.50 ex. VAT (£119.40 inc. VAT)

Go For Gold Metallics.

12 beautiful seasonal colours, with the perfect reflective shimmer.


Includes all 12 colours from The Go For Gold Metallic Collection + Free Colour Swatch Chart

Buy the set of 12 for only £8.30 each! SAVE £19.90

Loved by the testing pros and awarded “outstanding!” in trials. This is a client pleasing UV gel!

It is easy to use, long lasting and has a huge range of colours to suit all tastes and ages!

You will find Gelease will give you long lasting and immaculate results with minimal effort!. With up to three weeks of wear and no chips. Designed so its regrowth that brings your clients back for a refresh of their flawless nails and not unsightly chipping!

The formula does not shrink or streak and some colours are even strong enough for just one coat. No expensive harsh primer is required, just brush with the gentle nail prep and apply. Cured under a Gelease UV le lamp in just 5 seconds, or under a normal UV lamp.

Gelease soaks off easily and quickly when the time comes for a change of colour.

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