Head Jog Light Radial Brush

From £7.49

  • The Head Jog Light radials feature a patented lightweight mesh handle in a matt finish.
  • Maximising comfort, movement and control due to the lightness of the brush reducing fatigue, and the mesh design creating ventilation and targeting airflow.
  • The barrel is black ceramic coated for a healthy and smooth finish with added shine.
  • High heat resistant nylon bristles mean greater durability.

The Head Jog Light range consists of five radial brushes

  • Head Jog 125 – 20mm
  • Head Jog 126 -25mm
  • Head Jog 127 -33mm
  • Head Jog 128 -43mm
  • Head Jog 129 -53mm
  • Head Jog 130 -thermal cushion paddle brush.
  • Size:

    20mm, 25mm, 33mm, 43mm, 53mm, Thermal Cushion Paddle Brush