Contactless Thermometer

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Protect yourself and your loved ones with this contactless thermometer!

The thermometer features a unique, non-contact design and is specifically created to successfully take the human body temperature (on the forehead) within a safe, 3-5 cm distance.

Quick and easy to use. Made from the highest-quality materials, resulting in a reliable detection system to help keep you safe at all times.

Small, compact design allows for an easier, more convenient storage, whilst staying fast and dependable.

We understand the importance and need for having a reliable system to help keep a safe and Covid-Free setting. Whether used at home or within your business, this Infrared Thermometer is essential in maintaining a Covid-Secure environment.

Remain safe and attentive at all times with a simple push of one button therefore a quick and easy way to protect you and your peers.

CE, FDA and FCC Certified
Large Size LFD back-lit LCD Screen
Battery Powered – 2 x AAA batteries (Not provided)

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